Why does AT&T suck? Really?

Every day, I drive the same route to work. Every day, my calls drop at the same location. I75 in Marietta, Ga. Between Delk Road and the South 120 Loop. Every day. Doesn’t matter what time of day.

I have called “customer service” so many times about that and have been told so many stories about the why.

They told me to try their IPhone app, Mark The Spot. It’s supposed to give them gps coordinates for failed data or phone connections. Hey! AT&T. Get a freaking clue. If the connection is lost, I can’t send you data marking the spot, now can I? Dumbasses.

Now that would be a good app if it didn’t promote fucking around with your cell phone while you are driving!!!! You major dumbasses.

When I told them I was tired of this crap and I was dumping them as soon as my contract ended, do you think even one “Customer Service” rep ever showed one ounce of concern for losing a customer? Hell no.

AT&T dumbasses, you suck.

Comcast Blows

Why does my modem randomly drop service and refuse to reconnect? I reboot in sequence…..four, five times….then, it suddenly starts working. As mysteriously as it quit. It works for weeks on end, then I get days and days of this crap. I call the help line and they haven’t a clue. More over, they aren’t interested in helping. They can’t help. They don’t understand the problem. You don’t care to understand the problem.

Comcast, you really do suck.


I can’t disagree with these sites at all. I know they are 18 months or more old, but the issues remain. You suck. You don’t get it.

Jeff Carlson
Woodstock, Ga

Comcast – Still No Sense

OK, let’s end the year with one last illustration that shows why Comcast still doesn’t get it.

Despite the active advertising campaign that attempts to convince you that they care, they are working to provide the best, qualified support, they clearly cannot.

Dec. 30th, 2009 I tuned to local Comcast channel 858, which happens to be TrueTV HD. Behold, no audio. I tuned to the standard definition channel and all was fine. So, time for the dreaded call to the Customer-No-Service line. I decided to try something different this time. Rather than select residential service, I tried commercial service. Seems it is the same person. When I explain the problem, and that they have an issue at the headend, they want to set up a service call. I insisted on speaking to a tech. I got in touch with Les Apt. Actually, his name was Robert. He tells me the HD pvr does this now and then. Really? Selectively fails to output audio on ONE channel? After he reboots my box and I tell him there was no change (no surprise) he tells me he has to open an internal ticket.

In the meantime, I emailed some engineering colleagues on the inside of TBS. They confirm that Comcast has done this before. A few phone calls to Comcast behind the secret curtain and they admit that in fact, they are working on the systems. In fact, multiple TBS networks have no audio.

Turns out they have rolled out these channels to only six or seven of the thirteen hubs in the Atlanta metro area, and work was in progress. So here is the issue. Why is the call center, the first touch for EVERY CUSTOMER, so completely unaware of any of this? Why can Comcast NOT COMMUNICATE to their own support team the status of build out and ongoing work on major sections of the system?

By the way, the audio was restored with in a very short time after the email and phone calls. Yet, and 8:14 AM, the high speed, low drag dispatcher is calling to see if I am going to be home for my service call between 8 and 11 AM. Brilliant. Absolutely, brilliant.

So you see, despite the meek, publicly advertised attempt at improving service, it won’t happen. It won’t happen because Comcast fails to understand the term customer service, fails to train their staff and fails miserably in their attempt to communicate.

You the, the Comcast Customer, lose again. Just keep sending them the money.

Comcast-Don’t you love ’em?

Why am I always surprised when I am expecting something that resembles customer service from Comcast? It is really clear; They do not know what the term “customer service” means. It’s foreign to them. That much is clear if you have ever had a conversation with the alleged client service representative at the other end of the phone. They have a script. They follow it to the letter. Nothing gets past them, being the high speed, low drag team of pros they are. Wow. At the end of that script, and you have no further recourse, they politely thank you for your choosing Comcast and is there anything else they can do for you? Amazing.