More Why Comcast Sucks

Beats the wasteland known as Xfinity
Beats the wasteland known as Xfinity
I have digital preferred, Internet and four adapters (1 a dvr). My freaking bill is $200/month. There are, I dunno, 400 channels……of wasted bandwidth. I watch MAYBE ten channels. All of those are HD. I NEVER watch standard definition anymore. Who the hell does?

So why will Comcast NOT offer an HD tier only? It is so insane. Others have tried to sue cable providers to allow for ala cart service. The monopolies won’t allow it. You have to take it ALL to get the few you will actually watch.

SO, Comcast……this is the last straw. I will seriously consider dumping all your TV so called service in favor of internet only access to 90% or better, programming I want.

You are such idiots. Or maybe evil brilliance, raping and pillaging your customers. That’s right YOUR CUSTOMERS. The ones you should be grateful to have.

Comcast – Again and Continuing

So, lousy internet performance. Downloads that start sort of quick and fall off immediately. Over the weekend, I tried to download an Apple utility. 14MB in size. It would get about 1/3 way into it and drop to about 15kb/sec…..then stop.

On the phone, the Comcast employee pings the modem and reveals 20% or better packet loss. So now, do I wait for the cable guy? Or go to the dreaded store?

Off to the store. I am met by Comcast’s FINEST….Ms. Personality. Scowl on her faced the whole time. Does she hate her job? Her co-workers? Or just the fact that she is alive. My God what a bitch. In fact, all of them in the store were scowling….nasty, nasty people.

Ok, get the new modem, just like the old modem. Hookit up and what do I get? Well, downloads that don’t stop anyway. But they are about 1/3 the speed Comcast tells me I should be getting.

Speak Easy Atlanta server hits at about 5mb/sec download and about 3.5mb/sec upload. New York hits about 6.3 down and about 4.5 up. Comcast says I should be getting 12 – 15 mb/sec. At least that’s what I am paying for.

Another satisfied customer…….not. Why does Comcast suck at everything they do?