Comcast Blows

Why does my modem randomly drop service and refuse to reconnect? I reboot in sequence…..four, five times….then, it suddenly starts working. As mysteriously as it quit. It works for weeks on end, then I get days and days of this crap. I call the help line and they haven’t a clue. More over, they aren’t interested in helping. They can’t help. They don’t understand the problem. You don’t care to understand the problem.

Comcast, you really do suck.

I can’t disagree with these sites at all. I know they are 18 months or more old, but the issues remain. You suck. You don’t get it.

Jeff Carlson
Woodstock, Ga


Again, day after day, random disconnects from the internet. Call them, and they have no clue. Action?? Are you fucking kidding me? Lame apologies and excuses. Nothing more.

Comcast sucks. That’s it.

Hey, to the guy that reads the net looking for complaints……kiss my ass.

Comcast – case closed

Ok, they reconnected the service and gave me a credit on my bill. My question is, why does anybody have to go through that to get any satisfaction.

Wish I had an alternative. People, you have to speak out against those that wrong you, or it won’t ever change.