Why does AT&T suck? Really?

Every day, I drive the same route to work. Every day, my calls drop at the same location. I75 in Marietta, Ga. Between Delk Road and the South 120 Loop. Every day. Doesn’t matter what time of day.

I have called “customer service” so many times about that and have been told so many stories about the why.

They told me to try their IPhone app, Mark The Spot. It’s supposed to give them gps coordinates for failed data or phone connections. Hey! AT&T. Get a freaking clue. If the connection is lost, I can’t send you data marking the spot, now can I? Dumbasses.

Now that would be a good app if it didn’t promote fucking around with your cell phone while you are driving!!!! You major dumbasses.

When I told them I was tired of this crap and I was dumping them as soon as my contract ended, do you think even one “Customer Service” rep ever showed one ounce of concern for losing a customer? Hell no.

AT&T dumbasses, you suck.

AT&T Totally Sucks

Two issues at play here. First of all, Apple pushed out a totally lame excuse for a software update, 4.0. My phone now runs at least 4 times slower, loading apps or doing anything at all. I guess they will eventually fix it, but who cares.

The real issue is the suck ass coverage of AT&T. I get dropped calls consistently in several predictable locations. AT&T’s answer? Load this app, Mark The Spot.

There’s a lame solution. Now think about it…….your driving along, the call drops, so you are supposed to run this app that reports your GPS location? No, pull over in a safe location then report it. Oh, wait, you aren’t in that “Spot” anymore. Secondly, four out of five times I have tried to “Mark the Spot”, the app fails and reports it can’t send the data, try again later.

Tell ya what. Come end of contract, in five weeks…..I am gonna mark the spot on AT&T by pissing on the bill.