It Is A Small World

In my youth, I never gave much thought to connections. The way the human fabric is inter-twined. I always thought of other people as just that…….other people, not connected to me in any way. Lately, I am finding that there are hidden connections to people that I didn’t really know existed. That it, until I tried to make those connections.

For example, I met somebody a few months ago, by chance, at my volunteer job. We have common interest in history, and through that discussion, I learned he grew up 40 miles from my home and in the town I worked as a young adult. We have become friends and share more than just history as an interest.

When I began my career here in Atlanta in 1980, I had moved into a town where I knew only one person. He had been my supervisor in a previous job in Illinois. But the connection came from somewhere else. After a week of unpacking the truck, we went out to find some dinner. A band was playing in the bar. After they played a while, they took a break. I approached the fellow that was mixing the band and asked about them. I mentioned that I knew of a band by the same name from Decatur, Illinois. He responded with, ‘Yeah, i know them. I am from Elmwood, Illinois”. Elmwood is about 20 miles from my home town. We became friends as well.

Recently, I was listening to music, as I usually do in the evening. Music comes into my head in a random fashion sometimes. A tune, or a band name will just pop into my head, and at that point, I have to listen to them.  When this happens, I tend to share what was in my head on Facebook. It probably annoys some, but that is another topic. So this was the case last night and the band that came into my head was Wilderness Road. These guys, fronted by Warren Leming, were from Chicago. They had a couple of albums but were not a huge commercial success. That didn’t matter to me. I liked them and saw them play once. So on a whim, I searched the web and found a contact email. I sent a note and mentioned how I had enjoyed their music and just wanted to say hello.

Today, I received an email from Warren. He remembered the venue and he was familiar with Marietta, Georgia. I was somewhat surprised. So we exchanged a couple more emails and I learned from him that his great-great grandfather fought with the 83rd Illinois Volunteers at Cheatham Hill…….a mere 1/2 mile from my home. My wife’s great-great uncle fought there with the 86th Illinois Volunteers.

My point is that we are connected in subtle ways we may not be aware of. As I get older, I have come to enjoy and relish these simple connections. I only wish I had made that observation years ago. So go seek these connection. They seem to be one of those human experiences that will remain with you always.


Do you think America ever gets tired of the same trash talk, year after year? Why don’t at least one of you, grow up. Tell me what you will do to make American’s lives great again, and why you are the one that can do this. Quit telling me about your opponents dirty laundry. Because, if you were not aware, your laundry stinks too.

Time for America to take this country back from the garbage in the offices.

Election ahead……merge Right to the Conservative way of life.

Fed Up With Leftist Whiners

I haven’t ranted in a long time. Oh, I posted a lot of things on Facebook. Mostly re-posts. But I did comment a lot on other posts that compelled me. And that was my mistake.

I came to the realization that the only thing that was coming out of that was my blood pressure rising. Now you have to understand that I am way more Conservative than I ever thought I was. I find myself aligned with the Founding Fathers, wanting our government to shrink, cut spending, reduce taxes and quit regulating the hell out of the People. What I find is that there are way more people that I know and love that are seemingly, diametrically opposed to that thought. I simply don’t get it.

I ask you, where, exactly, in our Constitution does is say that every American is guaranteed success in their lives? I remember that it says every American is guaranteed with equal opportunity. But I say it is not the responsibility of government, or me as a taxpayer, to ensure that you, the ones that choose government dependence as a way of life or rescue, to see that you are successful.

I believe we are all in a place as a result of choices we have made through our lives. I have made some bad choices in my sixty years on Earth. I will pay for those, and have paid for those. But these were my choices and I cannot hold others responsible. Neither can you.

As one goes through life, things change, often out of your control. When that happens, options, like it or not, are presented to you. What you do, how you deal with it, is a choice that you alone make. The problem is when people choose to blame others, or choose to do nothing about their situation, and then blame others. Another poor choice to make.

Our society is full of examples of this. The woman that chooses to have many children, often without a father in their lives, so more welfare can come her way. Poor choice. The student (or parent) that refuses to take part in their education, ending up with minimum wage jobs all their lives, or often, standing in line at the welfare office looking for a handout. As I write this, New York City has banned soft drinks in sizes larger than 16 ounces. Why? Because government thinks you are too stupid to decide these things for yourself. More control. And you people that agree with this new law must in fact be stupid.

Somebody please explain to me, why I should feel compelled to feel responsible for these lousy choices.

Yet everyday, I hear voices from the Left denouncing Conservatives for these stances. They choose to have more government, more regulation, the loss of personal freedoms, thought control all by government. Why? Poor choices made in their lives, and these are the only solutions they can come up with. Another poor choice.

I pose a question. When ever, in the history of civilization has increased spending led to economic success? Never, is the answer for those of you that don’t know. When you find you have maxed out your credit card, do you open another one and use it to pay the first one? Many people do. And what is next? Help me, I need a bailout of some sort. It is the same with your government. The Left controlled Senate wants to do just that. And Obama wants that too. Wake up people, you cannot spend your way out of debt. It doesn’t work.

Government was created of the people, by the people and for the people. Recently we heard from the Left that we, the people, BELONG to the government. Many of you agree with that. Another poor choice you have made. I choose to stand and denounce that as anti-American. Unconstitutional. Some of you will say that was a poor choice of words. Well now, are we not talking about poor choices here? Can you not deal with the consequences of such statements?

Government has no business being in the business, of controlling private business. Regulation is killing middle-American free enterprise. Who do you think creates the majority of the jobs in our country. Well, I know some of you will say it. Yes the government is probably the largest employer. How do you like that control over you that they have?

And Education. How does a government, in Washington, know what is best for your children’s education. The answer is, they don’t. The responsibility of the education of children belongs in the hands of the parents and local community, not the government. And exactly how does collective bargaining of government employees EVER benefit the public. The answer to that one is also, NEVER. Teacher unions carry heavy political agendas. Oh, you didn’t know that? That is because you are choosing to ignore what is happening. It happened here in Georgia. Yay, we are number 47 in education. Why? Government control. Another very poor choice you have made for you, and your Country.

Failure to take control of things like the education of your children ensures swollen ranks of welfare, diminished ability to compete in a world market, and general decline of society. Have you watched the news recently Are you paying attention? Or are you non-Conservative happy with how all that is working out. I’m not.

There is an election ahead. I would suggest you look at your values in live. What is precious to you? You’re going to lose much of it if we continue to make these choices. Ahh, there it is…….my vote won’t matter. Or the real reason, I am too stupid to understand the issues, so I just vote the party line. Or better yet, the perpetual answer… was Bush’s fault. News Flash. The Left has been in total control for seven years. Can you explain how it is better now? Didn’t think so.

Election Ahead – Merge Right

GSA Spending Scandal

Are Americans really so gullible that you don’t  think this really happens? It happens in ALL branches of government. I mean really, elected officials, drinking at the public trough, seem to have no end to their thirst for our money. Money we earned and we should be able to keep.

Just look at the record of Congress. Look at any branch of the Federal government. Then look at your state. Have you EVER seen a road project that was under budget and on time? Where do you think all that money went? And what about your local government? Is there not a day go by that a mayor, a commissioner, a school official isn’t on the take?

America needs to wake up. It’s no wonder we are $15 TRILLION in debt. You keep voting the same trash into office. Own up to it.


Think about this ….. in less than 48 hours, Nancy Pelosi will no longer be 3rd in line for the presidency. Now THAT gives you something to celebrate.

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AT&T Totally Sucks

Two issues at play here. First of all, Apple pushed out a totally lame excuse for a software update, 4.0. My phone now runs at least 4 times slower, loading apps or doing anything at all. I guess they will eventually fix it, but who cares.

The real issue is the suck ass coverage of AT&T. I get dropped calls consistently in several predictable locations. AT&T’s answer? Load this app, Mark The Spot.

There’s a lame solution. Now think about it…….your driving along, the call drops, so you are supposed to run this app that reports your GPS location? No, pull over in a safe location then report it. Oh, wait, you aren’t in that “Spot” anymore. Secondly, four out of five times I have tried to “Mark the Spot”, the app fails and reports it can’t send the data, try again later.

Tell ya what. Come end of contract, in five weeks…..I am gonna mark the spot on AT&T by pissing on the bill.


The Marietta Daily Journal – Senators seek to ban illegals from colleges

The Marietta Daily Journal – Senators seek to ban illegals from colleges.

It’s a sham that the university system condones illegals attending colleges in Georgia when the people that pay their salaries demand the practice end.