About Me

I was born and raised in Western Illinois in the early 1950s. I experimented, wandered around dazed and confused, yelled at what I thought was wrong at a time that my mind was blurred by many things. Now it is a different world.


My major fault in life seems to be lack of tolerance for stupid andBorn i n the early 1950s in Western Illinois. I went through many of the same phases and political leanings as most every one did in those days. We experimented, yelled at what we thought was wrong, then eventually learned our vision w entitlement.

I find, with age, I am easily annoyed by those stupid people and those that feel in some way, that they are owed something by somebody. Or those that like to take advantage of others or situations, in ways that are just not appropriate. It tells you most of what you need to know about that person. So here, I will highlight that…..frequently.


Contact me if you have something worthy to share.



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