Obama Solves All National Issues In One Speech

Erasing history solves all our problems.

In his political speech in South Carolina this week (yes it was political, not a eulogy), Obama points out the real threat to the security and well being of the United States. He points out what a terrorist is. It is one that kills innocent people in a church or anyone or thing that has anything to do with the history of this Nation.Obama in Charleston, SC

I in no way approve or believe that what happened in this church was justified or warranted. To be clear, I do not believe slavery was right. At the same time, this is the history of our Nation. And now we have politicians at all levels, federal, state and county, seizing this opportunity to lecture and demand that well over 150 years of our Nation’s history be erased and forgotten.

Obama in speech specifically calls Dylan Roof a terrorist. This is where Obama, and others, step up to the political platform. Roof is a terrorist, but the radical Islamists that kidnap, rape and torture young girls are not. Roof is a terrorist, but those that line up Christians and cut their heads off are not.

So now we have a wave of emotional victories being thrown into the face of Americans. Take down the flags. Eliminate the statues on Capitol Hill that remind us of that era. The Supreme Court also hands down the decision on gay marriage, another major “threat” to America. And all the while, the Liberals are on their pulpit telling the sheep what a wonderful job they have done securing America’s future.

But is the border safe? Has the illegal immigration problem been resolved?

Has the national debt crisis been taken care of? Is the Unites State now financially in the black?

What about the jobs problem? Have the numbers been so magically manipulated by the government that Americans believe that everyone that wants a job can have a great paying job?

Have we climbed to the top of the list in terms of education? Are we producing the best scholars and scientists the world has ever seen?

And is our military able to protect our soil? Are we giving them the best materials and support to ensure that we as a people are safe and our interests are protected.

The answer to all of these questions is clearly no. But, the Battle Flag has come down. And homosexuals can freely marry each other. Now that is what you call Progressiveness. Truly disturbing because this is what Americans seem to want.

Published by

Jeff Carlson

Just another retired, rambling Conservative American. Lives in Paducah, Ky. From Galesburg, Il.

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