Ticket Titans equals Ticket Ripoff

It’s my fault…….I didn’t read the fine print. Don’t remember agreeing either. But want to make sure that everybody I know will never use these ……ahem……fine business people in Omaha to buy tickets……..legal scalpers (and they admitted it on the phone)….their are  commerce rapists in my opinion.


Ticket ScamTicket Scamm

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Jeff Carlson

Just another retired, rambling Conservative American. Lives in Paducah, Ky. From Galesburg, Il.

4 thoughts on “Ticket Titans equals Ticket Ripoff”

  1. Sorry you were ripped off. I filed a complaint with the Nebraska States Attorney but it didn’t help. Clearly a case of buyer beware. In your case however, if you received no tickets, you may have recourse. It may come to small claims court, but I would start with the States Attorney’s Office of Consumer Affairs. Better Business can’t help as Ticket Titans are not affiliated. SO…..get a lawyer. Sue their sorry asses. And above all……spread the word about thieves like these guys.

  2. should have read your web page before we ordered tickets – paid $250.00 to see Joe Bonamasa in NH and never got the tickets. It was for my teenage son who is crazy for blues guitar.

    How can they get away with this??? Is there not some law about failing to provide a service?? Fraud??? There must be something!

  3. Got the Nebraska Attorney General to look into Ticket Titans. Probably won’t get any relief or satisfaction, but I am happy to say again that Ticket Titans are thieves and bottom feeders.

    Don’t use them for anything.

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