Stray Cat Update

For now, the final chapter on the stray that came into my life in the Fall. Turns out, she is actually a he. Guess I don’t know a lot about cats. Never the less, he had a chip. His owner was found and is apparently a neighbor. Max, was a gift from a daughter to her mother. The daughter did all that was right…..neutered him, got all his shots, everything, except maybe the de-claw part.

Then the daughter moved away and the mother gave up on caring for the cat. She allowed the cat to come and go as he pleased. Max went more than he came and he showed up at my house. The mother knows he was found and given shelter at the Humane Society. The mother doesn’t really care. Figures. Hope her daughter turned out better.

I at least know Max is safe and warm. I am losing faith in humanity.

Published by

Jeff Carlson

Just another retired, rambling Conservative American. Lives in Paducah, Ky. From Galesburg, Il.

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