Cats – Part 2

Cats…….not my favorite animal. They are cute, and can be loving, I know. Playful, fun to watch. But still, not my favorite. I am a dog lover. So recently, when the stray started coming around, I paid little attention. When it started to rain and she was around, I let her stay in the garage. Then the weather took a turn. We’ve had record cold for weeks now. I couldn’t let her stay outside. Yet I didn’t want her. Last night, I let he stay inside with me. My dog is jealous. But the cat lay on my belly….looking at me. She finally reached up and with one paw, touched my chin. Just the one time.

Yet, I can’t keep her. So I started a quest to get her adopted. Dealing with the Humane Society wasn’t the easiest. Some of the volunteers are less than…….well, they treat the animals better than they treat people.

Today, my vet agreed to take her until the Humane Society could take her. That went well. Until I got home. Now the guilt has sunk in. I feel like crap.

Published by

Jeff Carlson

Just another retired, rambling Conservative American. Lives in Paducah, Ky. From Galesburg, Il.

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