Comcast – Again and Continuing

So, lousy internet performance. Downloads that start sort of quick and fall off immediately. Over the weekend, I tried to download an Apple utility. 14MB in size. It would get about 1/3 way into it and drop to about 15kb/sec…..then stop.

On the phone, the Comcast employee pings the modem and reveals 20% or better packet loss. So now, do I wait for the cable guy? Or go to the dreaded store?

Off to the store. I am met by Comcast’s FINEST….Ms. Personality. Scowl on her faced the whole time. Does she hate her job? Her co-workers? Or just the fact that she is alive. My God what a bitch. In fact, all of them in the store were scowling….nasty, nasty people.

Ok, get the new modem, just like the old modem. Hookit up and what do I get? Well, downloads that don’t stop anyway. But they are about 1/3 the speed Comcast tells me I should be getting.

Speak Easy Atlanta server hits at about 5mb/sec download and about 3.5mb/sec upload. New York hits about 6.3 down and about 4.5 up. Comcast says I should be getting 12 – 15 mb/sec. At least that’s what I am paying for.

Another satisfied customer…….not. Why does Comcast suck at everything they do?

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Jeff Carlson

Just another retired, rambling Conservative American. Lives in Paducah, Ky. From Galesburg, Il.

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