Bravo America

You stood up. You showed up by the tens of thousands and let your voice be heard. Congratualtions. However, let me say that it is about time.

You have had thousands of chances to do this before. Only when something as dear as healthcare did you give a damn what these elected “representatives” were doing. Only then did you realize that what they are doing is not in your best interest. Well at least you did this time.

I urge every American to wake up. Pay attention. These fools in Washington have raped you long enough. It’s time for every American Citizen to stand up and be counted. Tell them in Washington that we are tired of politics as usual. They better start listening to what we, the people, want. And if they don’t? Kick their sorry asses out and one of us will do the job.

Published by

Jeff Carlson

Just another retired, rambling Conservative American. Lives in Paducah, Ky. From Galesburg, Il.

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