Comcast-Don’t you love ’em?

Why am I always surprised when I am expecting something that resembles customer service from Comcast? It is really clear; They do not know what the term “customer service” means. It’s foreign to them. That much is clear if you have ever had a conversation with the alleged client service representative at the other end of the phone. They have a script. They follow it to the letter. Nothing gets past them, being the high speed, low drag team of pros they are. Wow. At the end of that script, and you have no further recourse, they politely thank you for your choosing Comcast and is there anything else they can do for you? Amazing.

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Jeff Carlson

Just another retired, rambling Conservative American. Lives in Paducah, Ky. From Galesburg, Il.

3 thoughts on “Comcast-Don’t you love ’em?”

  1. This time, Comcast , for no apparent reason, disconnected my service on Tuesday the 26th. This happened to my friend a few months back as well. This was apparently the result of a routine audit. You use orange tags to identify drops to be disconnected. Problem is, your database is wrong.

    Now I understand that you need to disconnect those that are receiving service and not paying for it. But when I opened my account at this address, I would ask, why did you not remove the tag that was on my drop? My account is in good standing.

    Now the trouble begins. You disconnect me and I am told nothing can be done until you can schedule a repair visit, days in the future. So why does the customer have to pay the price of your mistake and be forced to wait? What about those customers you do this to that run home businesses, or have phone service with you (I would never have that in million years)? We, the customers, pay for service and are penalized for your mistake.

    Countless calls to the service center yields nothing. The call staff is not equipped to respond or escalate this sort of call. You either completely disallow this or they are not smart enough to deal with it. Maybe you have no supervisors that are either allow or qualified to make these judgments. I don’t know. The point is, there is no escalation path for customers. At the end of the first day, the best service is willing to do is an appointment between 5 and 8PM on Thursday. Oh, and they insist I have to be home.

    So I made several calls to 888-610-0995. This is your corporate headquarter. Day one I get an answering machine and leave a message. No response. Day two, I get a message that says call volume is too high, call back another time. Day three, I get the answering machine again. And once more, no response.

    On day one I did manage to get a number for the regional operations center, 770-559-7200. I spoke with a guy named Kevin. He promised service would be restored by Wednesday evening. Later, I find out that work order was cancelled. No reason given.

    By now you are seeing a patterns of frustration.

    Thursday morning I get a call from corporate, finally. I explained the issue and finally, the service call is moved to 1:30 PM. And guess what? They fixed it. And I didn’t need to be there, just like I explained to the first person that I talked to on Tuesday.

    Now the real rub. The “high speed, low drag” contractor, employee, flunky, what ever you want to call him, DROVE HIS TRUCK THOUGH MY FRONT YARD!. Now you tell me when that is EVER appropriate. There was no need to do that and shows a complete disrespect of the people that pay his salary.

    Now you asked what happened. This is only one of many, many sad experiences I have had with Comcast. I mentioned my friend having her service disconnected in the same way mine was. Same story. Wait and wait and wait. Except this time, her job depended on the connection. What was she told? Too bad, she should have a business account.

    On another occasion, service technicians decided her overhead drop needed to be replaced. So they did so by laying it on the ground, where is remained for months despite countless calls and appointments to bury it. Why did they lay in the ground? Laziness. Her lot is wooded. Now the cable is working its way out of the shallow trench they dug.

    It goes on and on. Have you ever Googled “Comcast Customer Satisfaction”? What do you see in return? Not much satisfaction.

    That is my story this time. Comcast committed to reimburse me for your error by crediting my account for two months service. But I would put it to you, why do these things continue to happen? Why does Comcast tolerate sloppy, lazy incompetence?

    Last item. I am a broadcast engineering manager. I have 35+ years in the field of broadcast television and advanced post production engineering. I frankly do not appreciate the attitude of the call center when I try to explain to them I might have a clue about the problem. They are arrogant and do not listen. They follow their script and they ask, is there anything else they can do. Of course at this point, you haven’t done anything.

    I would love to see you improve. Frankly, I don’t think you know how.

    Jeff Carlson
    Woodstock, GA

  2. Jeff,

    I apologize for the expereince. I would like to learn more about your experience so that I can share it with our local contacts for evaluation. If you don’t mind, will you please share more information and provide the phone number associated with the account?

    We are really trying hard to provide better service to out customers. With that said, I thank you for sharing this post and for providing the opportunity to assist and improve the service we provide.

    Looking forward to your reply,

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

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