Woes of Computers

Windows sucks. Many say that, yet I still use it a great deal. My son doesn’t understand. He is die hard Mac. That’s cool. I have a Mac now too. It’s taking time to get used to the thing, but i am getting better, feeling more comfortable with the navigation, etc.

But Windows…..arrrgghh. My friend has an older HP  that at the time was fast and handled all she needed to do. Time passes. Defrag, clean the registry, defrag again…..and eventually the answer is a fresh load of Windows.

So I gather the goods together and back everything up to a portable drive, ask one more time, “are you sure?” Yep, let’s do it. There is the beginning of hell. I get the drive formatted and Windows installed only to find that windows has formated and loaded on the portable drive. Oh no……..start again and I get it on the internal drive where it is supposed to be.

Now I find…..no drivers for the HP. Network card not working, so now I gotta find another way to get the drivers. I download on a laptop and burn a CD. Ok, get the network and the audio working. So far so good. I look at the device manager and see a whole bunch of yellow. One by one I get the yellow question marks to go away……except the usb host.

Now I connect the portable drive hoping for the best. Nope……no partition. I give up for the night. It has been seven hours.

Next day I go to MicroCenter and find a nice deal on a DuoCore Intel box. Lots of features, 64 bit Vista Home Premium. More fun on the way.

I load the apps needed and get to WinFax. Not supported by VIsta. So I find a program on the web that does and order it. No download link until the next day. Alright. I get it, load it…and behold! It works.

Now on the the portable. I found a couple of data recovery programs, load them up and launch. It will be 19 hours before I know if I can recover anything!!!

My head hurts and paper and pencil doesn’t look so bad anymore.

Published by

Jeff Carlson

Just another retired, rambling Conservative American. Lives in Paducah, Ky. From Galesburg, Il.

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