It Is A Small World

In my youth, I never gave much thought to connections. The way the human fabric is inter-twined. I always thought of other people as just that…….other people, not connected to me in any way. Lately, I am finding that there are hidden connections to people that I didn’t really know existed. That it, until I tried to make those connections.

For example, I met somebody a few months ago, by chance, at my volunteer job. We have common interest in history, and through that discussion, I learned he grew up 40 miles from my home and in the town I worked as a young adult. We have become friends and share more than just history as an interest.

When I began my career here in Atlanta in 1980, I had moved into a town where I knew only one person. He had been my supervisor in a previous job in Illinois. But the connection came from somewhere else. After a week of unpacking the truck, we went out to find some dinner. A band was playing in the bar. After they played a while, they took a break. I approached the fellow that was mixing the band and asked about them. I mentioned that I knew of a band by the same name from Decatur, Illinois. He responded with, ‘Yeah, i know them. I am from Elmwood, Illinois”. Elmwood is about 20 miles from my home town. We became friends as well.

Recently, I was listening to music, as I usually do in the evening. Music comes into my head in a random fashion sometimes. A tune, or a band name will just pop into my head, and at that point, I have to listen to them.  When this happens, I tend to share what was in my head on Facebook. It probably annoys some, but that is another topic. So this was the case last night and the band that came into my head was Wilderness Road. These guys, fronted by Warren Leming, were from Chicago. They had a couple of albums but were not a huge commercial success. That didn’t matter to me. I liked them and saw them play once. So on a whim, I searched the web and found a contact email. I sent a note and mentioned how I had enjoyed their music and just wanted to say hello.

Today, I received an email from Warren. He remembered the venue and he was familiar with Marietta, Georgia. I was somewhat surprised. So we exchanged a couple more emails and I learned from him that his great-great grandfather fought with the 83rd Illinois Volunteers at Cheatham Hill…….a mere 1/2 mile from my home. My wife’s great-great uncle fought there with the 86th Illinois Volunteers.

My point is that we are connected in subtle ways we may not be aware of. As I get older, I have come to enjoy and relish these simple connections. I only wish I had made that observation years ago. So go seek these connection. They seem to be one of those human experiences that will remain with you always.

Obama Solves All National Issues In One Speech

Erasing history solves all our problems.

In his political speech in South Carolina this week (yes it was political, not a eulogy), Obama points out the real threat to the security and well being of the United States. He points out what a terrorist is. It is one that kills innocent people in a church or anyone or thing that has anything to do with the history of this Nation.Obama in Charleston, SC

I in no way approve or believe that what happened in this church was justified or warranted. To be clear, I do not believe slavery was right. At the same time, this is the history of our Nation. And now we have politicians at all levels, federal, state and county, seizing this opportunity to lecture and demand that well over 150 years of our Nation’s history be erased and forgotten.

Obama in speech specifically calls Dylan Roof a terrorist. This is where Obama, and others, step up to the political platform. Roof is a terrorist, but the radical Islamists that kidnap, rape and torture young girls are not. Roof is a terrorist, but those that line up Christians and cut their heads off are not.

So now we have a wave of emotional victories being thrown into the face of Americans. Take down the flags. Eliminate the statues on Capitol Hill that remind us of that era. The Supreme Court also hands down the decision on gay marriage, another major “threat” to America. And all the while, the Liberals are on their pulpit telling the sheep what a wonderful job they have done securing America’s future.

But is the border safe? Has the illegal immigration problem been resolved?

Has the national debt crisis been taken care of? Is the Unites State now financially in the black?

What about the jobs problem? Have the numbers been so magically manipulated by the government that Americans believe that everyone that wants a job can have a great paying job?

Have we climbed to the top of the list in terms of education? Are we producing the best scholars and scientists the world has ever seen?

And is our military able to protect our soil? Are we giving them the best materials and support to ensure that we as a people are safe and our interests are protected.

The answer to all of these questions is clearly no. But, the Battle Flag has come down. And homosexuals can freely marry each other. Now that is what you call Progressiveness. Truly disturbing because this is what Americans seem to want.


Do you think America ever gets tired of the same trash talk, year after year? Why don’t at least one of you, grow up. Tell me what you will do to make American’s lives great again, and why you are the one that can do this. Quit telling me about your opponents dirty laundry. Because, if you were not aware, your laundry stinks too.

Time for America to take this country back from the garbage in the offices.

Election ahead……merge Right to the Conservative way of life.

More Why Comcast Continues to SUCK – Still Don’t Get It

Beautiful, skillfull
Beautiful, skillfull

This transcript taken from a support call I made asking why I continued to be billed for set top devices I have not had in over 4 years. It starts with a lengthy explanation of the situation which the service rep gets wrong right off the bat.

I then start asking if they can simply ping a box and find out where it is.

Can I what????I don’t even know what you are asking.

So after 30 minutes exchanging serial numbers of device I do not have, that are on my monthly bill, she tell me that she removed them. That would be the devices I still physically have.  90 minutes to remove two set top boxes I do not own, and I bet they will be on my bill when it arrives in September.

Here is the transcript including that of the supervisor. Maybe Comcast will read this. It is a lot long in terms of a read, but it also illustrates the problem with Comcast, and why they suck.

Rahul: I am transferring you now the Cable TV department

JEFFREY_: thank you

Rahul: You are most welcome.

Rahul: Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

JEFFREY_: My Issue: I pay $64/month for internet. You advertise that as Blast yielding up to 50Mb/s, however, multiple speed tests from you and other providers clearly indicate bandwidth limiting at about 28 Mb/s. Why?

user JEFFREY has entered room

analyst Jan has entered room

Waiting for response from Rahul

analyst Rahul has left room

Jan: Hi Jeffrey.

Jan: It is a pleasure to have you on chat! I hope you are doing fine today.

JEFFREY_: im ok…..

JEFFREY_: this is a cable tv equipment question

JEFFREY_: you can see by my account, you think i have six devices of varying types

JEFFREY_: I have one DVR

JEFFREY_: and I have three DtA

JEFFREY_: but you show six on my account in total

JEFFREY_: are you with me so far

Jan: Yes Jeffrey.

JEFFREY_: i want to know if your management software, as you ping the device, reveals PHYSICALLY where in the county it is……because two of these devices are not here in my house

Jan: Let me go ahead and pull up your account so we could take care of this, please give me a minute to pull up your account, would this be okay with you?


Jan: For security purposes, may I please have your complete address and the last four digits of SSN?

JEFFREY_: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Marietta, Ga 

JEFFREY_: bottom line is i am paying $4/month for devices i do not have

Jan: Thank you for providing that information.

Jan: Upon checking here, you have 6 cable boxes on your account. May I please have the serial number that you currently have so I could remove the other device on your account?

JEFFREY_: well, it is midnight and i am not going to traps throughout he house to collect those now.

JEFFREY_: my equipment is in my account detail

JEFFREY_: the question is, can you ping the box and know where it is

JEFFREY_: if you can, and you ping all six, you would see that two of them are located in another portion of your cable plant……not in Marietta

JEFFREY_: can you do that

JEFFREY_: try this one PAEH10879781

JEFFREY_: and this one PAEH10879755

JEFFREY_: those are DTAs

Jan: That serial number is registered on your account as DTA box. That is the box that you currently have with DVR, right?

Jan: May I know the other DTA serial number please?

JEFFREY_: read above

JEFFREY_: Serial Number: M10733TCD213 MAC Address: 00:00:16:02:53:21 More information about your Cable Box : DVR 1 Make & Model: MOTOROLA DCH3416R

JEFFREY_: that is my only DVR

Jan: Yes, I have read it and you said you have one DVR and three DtA

JEFFREY_: yes…my bill shows six devices

JEFFREY_: 1 dvr

JEFFREY_: 2 dta

Jan: I am asking for the serial number of your other DTA Box since you are telling me you have 3


JEFFREY_: i gave it to you…..scrol up

JEFFREY_: : try this one PAEH10879781 JEFFREY_: and this one PAEH10879755

Jan: I see. Awhile ago you tell me you have 3 DTA and 1 DVR. Thank you for clarifying it!

JEFFREY_: i have the following in my house….stay with me here…..

JEFFREY_: Serial Number: M10733TCD213 MAC Address: 00:00:16:02:53:21 More information about your Cable Box : DVR 1 Make & Model: MOTOROLA DCH3416R Manual Troubleshoot

JEFFREY_: one of these

Jan: Thank you.

JEFFREY_: Serial Number: PAEY01585405 MAC Address: 00:00:02:cb:ea:0a More information about your Cable Box : bedroom Make & Model: MOTOROLA PC110RFR Manual Troubleshoot

JEFFREY_: three of those

JEFFREY_: Serial Number: PAEH10879781 MAC Address: 00:be:01:aa:93:6e More information about your Cable Box : TV 4 Make & Model: MOTOROLA PACEDTA Manual Troubleshoot

JEFFREY_: none of those

JEFFREY_: i have no PACEDTA in the house, but you show two on my bill

JEFFREY_: I have four total devices for TV

JEFFREY_: you are billing me for six

Jan: May I know where is the cable boxes?

JEFFREY_: back to my question……can you king the serial number or the mac address of the PACEDTA, either one of these and tell me where it is

JEFFREY_: Jan, I just listed where these are

JEFFREY_: if this is too hard, get me to a supervisr

Jan: I am reviewing your account, may I know where is the cable boxes? you have this boxes before right? That is the reason why it was added on your account.

JEFFREY_: i have four of these devices in my home in Marietta,

JEFFREY_: i do not have the other two devices, the PACEDTA….I do not have these

Jan: Thank you.

JEFFREY_: please reply to my question. Can you ping a box and know where it is located?

JEFFREY_: can you tell, where in your plant it thinks it is?

Jan: Please allow me to search.

Jan: Please….

Jan: I tried searching the location of the box but it keeps telling me that the box is with your address since it is registered on your account.

Jan: I am now removing the other boxes registered on your account.

JEFFREY_: so the mac address and serial are useless for troubleshooting?

Jan: No

JEFFREY_: the DtAs right?


Jan: We process troubleshooting if cable box is not working.

JEFFREY_: if you send a reboot to the DTA, does it reply with ANY data about where it is

Jan: It is not Jeffrey. Only our local office can locate the cable box.

JEFFREY_: these DTAs were stolen from my home when I lived in Woodstock, GA

Jan: I am using the serial number to identify which box is yours.

JEFFREY_: I previously reported this several times

JEFFREY_: but I continue to get billed

Jan: Thank you for providing that information.

Jan: I am now removing this boxes on your account.

JEFFREY_: i believe them to still be in Woodstock, GA

Jan: Thank you.

Jan: Would you mind waiting for a minute or two while I finish it? I would greatly appreciate it.

JEFFREY_: so these two serials: PAEH10879781 and PAEH10879755 should come off


Jan: That is correct!

Jan: I’ve successfully remove this boxes on your account.

JEFFREY_: stand by please

Jan: These are the serial number of the cable box that we will be charging you: M10733TCD213PAEH10879781PAEH10879755

Jan: DVR and 2 DTA boxes

JEFFREY_: no no no no

JEFFREY_: you have it wrong

JEFFREY_: PAEH10879781 and PAEH10879755 should come off


JEFFREY_: do you want me to tel you again or can i speak to a supervisor that can read and liste

Jan: Just provide me the serial number of the boxes that you have please?

Jan: These are the boxes that needs to be removed: PAEH10879781 and PAEH10879755


JEFFREY_: DVR STAYS Serial Number: M10733TCD213 MAC Address: 00:00:16:02:53:21

JEFFREY_: cable box stays

JEFFREY_: Serial Number: PAAN00761727 MAC Address: 00:00:01:32:cb:be

Jan: Thank you.

JEFFREY_: Serial Number: PAEY01585405 MAC Address: 00:00:02:cb:ea:0a

JEFFREY_: cable box stays

Jan: These are the serial number that will stay on your account: M10733TCD213, PAAN00761727 and PAEY01585405

JEFFREY_: Serial Number: PAEY00440669 MAC Address: 00:00:02:51:ba:59

JEFFREY_: als stays

JEFFREY_: cable box

Jan: Thank you.

JEFFREY_: three cable boxes, one DVR………NOT DTR

Jan: Upon checking here, Serial Number: PAEY00440669 MAC Address: 00:00:02:51:ba:59 is not registered on your account.

JEFFREY_: Why is it on my equipment page on my bill?

Jan: Can you please check your boxes now? I just arrange it.

Jan: I found kit.

JEFFREY_: there is no change to this page. Will this take a supervisor to fix? DO I need somebody to come out here and see how many boxes I have and what kind? We have been discussing this for 90 minutes

Jan: I found it. Please give me a minute.

JEFFREY_: can we connect to an Atlanta area tech support who can ping the serial numbers?

Jan: Please try to check, I’ve successfully updated your cable boxes.

JEFFREY_: no change on the page

Jan: Please try to close it and open it again to refresh the page

JEFFREY_: i physically looked at two of the three and they are not MOTOROLA PACEDTA

JEFFREY_: i did refresh the page

JEFFREY_: supervisor pleasr

JEFFREY_: enough time wasted

Jan: I am aware of your frustration and I want to get this resolved for you. Are you willing to give me one opportunity to resolve your issue for you?

JEFFREY_: somebody that can ping a box please

JEFFREY_: it has been over an hour

JEFFREY_: i am not sure you even know what i have asked, in complete confidence

Jan: I understand. I do apologize for this inconvinience Jeffrey but we don;t have an option to ping a box and locate where it is.

JEFFREY_: then you choose to just randomly invoice customers and HOPE THEY PAY??????

JEFFREY_: for equipment they don’t have and you can’t prove I do?

JEFFREY_: this is off the rails

JEFFREY_: what can you do in the next five minutes that you have not been able to do in an hour

Jan: I completely understand, I see that these boxes is still registered on your account and that is the reason why there’s a charge.

JEFFREY_: this is where we started this conversation

Jan: I already corrected it and the boxes that you want to stay was already on your account.

JEFFREY_: and why I asked an hour ago, how to ping them

Jan: I’ve removed the cable boxes that was stolen on your account.

JEFFREY_: you can ping them to troubleshoot and reset when customers call in with complaints.

JEFFREY_: why can you not do this now?

Jan: Yes, we can send signal but there’s no option to see if where is the location of the box.

JEFFREY_: and if you removed them, why are they still on my page

Jan: Are you looking at your online account?

Jan: The device was already on a “Disabled” Status

JEFFREY_: there is a very complex systems at work here. MacAddresses ware unique to the box. You can individually signal each box based on that address, and thus know where in the physical world this box is……….

JEFFREY_: where does it say disabled.

Jan: I’ve already remove the boxes that you want me to remove.

JEFFREY_: bill didn’t change……list of equipment changed in no way. And in 30 days, when I get the next bill, I have to do this again?????

JEFFREY_: I want a technical supervisor in the ATLANTA area please

Jan: It will be reflected on your next billing cycle.

Jan: I feel for you since if I will be in your situation, I would also feel the same way. Please stay connected. I will be connecting you to the available supervisor. Thank you.

JEFFREY_: if it is not, i will present this entire thread to the corporate help office. I have spoken to them many times

Jan: Sure thing. I am positive that I did what you wanted.

JEFFREY_: i still would like the technical supervisor…….not another analyst

Jan: Please stay connected to the chat. Thank you.

Jan: Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

user JEFFREY has entered room

analyst Arlene has entered room

JEFFREY_: My Issue: I pay $64/month for internet. You advertise that as Blast yielding up to 50Mb/s, however, multiple speed tests from you and other providers clearly indicate bandwidth limiting at about 28 Mb/s. Why?

Waiting for response from Jan

Arlene: Hi Jeffrey!

analyst Jan has left room

Arlene: This is Arlene.

JEFFREY_: hello

Arlene: Comcast Supervisor. How can I help?

JEFFREY_: do you have the transcript?

Arlene: I have. Let me review it for you.

JEFFREY_: no need to bother with the issue about internet speed. I won’t get an answer on that here either. move down to the part about being billed for equipment I do not have

Arlene: I am still reviewing the transcript. Sorry to keep you waiting.

JEFFREY_: let’s cut to the chase

JEFFREY_: an hour on with Jan…..I ask about hardware I do not own but shows up on my bill

JEFFREY_: she looks, and after 30 minutes, agrees to remove them

JEFFREY_: except removes the wrong devices

JEFFREY_: and cannot seem to grasp that the 2 serial numbers I gave several times are the ones in question

Arlene: As I check your account. The equipment was alreday corrected by Jane.

JEFFREY_: SO i ask, can you not simply ping the box, and from data in the response, determine physically where in your network it is. We do this all the time locating servers and workstations to specific switches and thus, regional locations. SO that is still my question, an hour and 20 minutes into this conversation.

Arlene: I just want to confirm if you want to ping the cable boxes?

JEFFREY_: i want to know if you can do it. Nobody seems to be able to answer this simple question

JEFFREY_: your database should reveal, in what state, what county, what town….maybe what street

Arlene: Unfortunately, we won’t be able to ping cable boxes. We can only ping your cable modem though.

JEFFREY_: based on the MAC Address and the serial number

JEFFREY_: you can signal each and every cable box to allow channel lineups to change.

JEFFREY_: you don;t know where those boxes are?

Arlene: That’s right!

Arlene: We don’t have option to ping the boxes.

JEFFREY_: and you can turn those boxes on and off, right?

Arlene: Correct!

Arlene: I believe you want to ping the missingboxes, right?

JEFFREY_: the two she removed from my bill, i have been paying for. I an not paying any more. Turn them off.

JEFFREY_: yes, I want to know who has them and why am i paying for them.

JEFFREY_: this has been an almost 90 minute conversation to get to this point. WHY?

Arlene: Definitely, I will be the one to process that for you.

JEFFREY_: it isn’t a hard question.

Arlene: That is what we are working on right now. I am creating a ticket to further investigate where the boxes are.

JEFFREY_: just turn them off and take them off my bill. they were stolen years ago, and I reported it to Comcast at least twice and at least twice I was told they would come off.

Arlene: Sorry for all the trouble Jeffrey.

Arlene: Your ticket number 024028008 has been submitted. This ticket addresses your EQUIPMENT RESEARCH issue.

Arlene: One of our team members will contact you about this issue by: Wednesday August 27, 1: 17 AM

Arlene: We estimate that this issue will be resolved by: Wednesday August 27

JEFFREY_: so I have to go over this all again

JEFFREY_: and again

JEFFREY_: and again

Arlene: I understand how frustrating this is to Jeffrey. Rest Assured this will be straightened out and your bill will be adjusted.

JEFFREY_: thank you…..i think we are finished here.

Arlene: You are most welcome.

Arlene: I really appreciate working with you today. Is there anything else that I can assist you with? I am more than glad to help you out further.

JEFFREY_: No….I had three issues and struck out on all three

JEFFREY_: for now.

JEFFREY_: I am done

Arlene: Thank you Jeffrey. Good night!

Arlene: It was a pleasure assisting and chatting with you today! Have a great day and thank you for choosing Comcast. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-870-4310 or visit us at for technical support. We appreciate your business!

Beautiful, skillfull
Beautiful, skillfull

More Why Comcast Sucks

Beats the wasteland known as Xfinity
Beats the wasteland known as Xfinity
I have digital preferred, Internet and four adapters (1 a dvr). My freaking bill is $200/month. There are, I dunno, 400 channels……of wasted bandwidth. I watch MAYBE ten channels. All of those are HD. I NEVER watch standard definition anymore. Who the hell does?

So why will Comcast NOT offer an HD tier only? It is so insane. Others have tried to sue cable providers to allow for ala cart service. The monopolies won’t allow it. You have to take it ALL to get the few you will actually watch.

SO, Comcast……this is the last straw. I will seriously consider dumping all your TV so called service in favor of internet only access to 90% or better, programming I want.

You are such idiots. Or maybe evil brilliance, raping and pillaging your customers. That’s right YOUR CUSTOMERS. The ones you should be grateful to have.

Fed Up With Leftist Whiners

I haven’t ranted in a long time. Oh, I posted a lot of things on Facebook. Mostly re-posts. But I did comment a lot on other posts that compelled me. And that was my mistake.

I came to the realization that the only thing that was coming out of that was my blood pressure rising. Now you have to understand that I am way more Conservative than I ever thought I was. I find myself aligned with the Founding Fathers, wanting our government to shrink, cut spending, reduce taxes and quit regulating the hell out of the People. What I find is that there are way more people that I know and love that are seemingly, diametrically opposed to that thought. I simply don’t get it.

I ask you, where, exactly, in our Constitution does is say that every American is guaranteed success in their lives? I remember that it says every American is guaranteed with equal opportunity. But I say it is not the responsibility of government, or me as a taxpayer, to ensure that you, the ones that choose government dependence as a way of life or rescue, to see that you are successful.

I believe we are all in a place as a result of choices we have made through our lives. I have made some bad choices in my sixty years on Earth. I will pay for those, and have paid for those. But these were my choices and I cannot hold others responsible. Neither can you.

As one goes through life, things change, often out of your control. When that happens, options, like it or not, are presented to you. What you do, how you deal with it, is a choice that you alone make. The problem is when people choose to blame others, or choose to do nothing about their situation, and then blame others. Another poor choice to make.

Our society is full of examples of this. The woman that chooses to have many children, often without a father in their lives, so more welfare can come her way. Poor choice. The student (or parent) that refuses to take part in their education, ending up with minimum wage jobs all their lives, or often, standing in line at the welfare office looking for a handout. As I write this, New York City has banned soft drinks in sizes larger than 16 ounces. Why? Because government thinks you are too stupid to decide these things for yourself. More control. And you people that agree with this new law must in fact be stupid.

Somebody please explain to me, why I should feel compelled to feel responsible for these lousy choices.

Yet everyday, I hear voices from the Left denouncing Conservatives for these stances. They choose to have more government, more regulation, the loss of personal freedoms, thought control all by government. Why? Poor choices made in their lives, and these are the only solutions they can come up with. Another poor choice.

I pose a question. When ever, in the history of civilization has increased spending led to economic success? Never, is the answer for those of you that don’t know. When you find you have maxed out your credit card, do you open another one and use it to pay the first one? Many people do. And what is next? Help me, I need a bailout of some sort. It is the same with your government. The Left controlled Senate wants to do just that. And Obama wants that too. Wake up people, you cannot spend your way out of debt. It doesn’t work.

Government was created of the people, by the people and for the people. Recently we heard from the Left that we, the people, BELONG to the government. Many of you agree with that. Another poor choice you have made. I choose to stand and denounce that as anti-American. Unconstitutional. Some of you will say that was a poor choice of words. Well now, are we not talking about poor choices here? Can you not deal with the consequences of such statements?

Government has no business being in the business, of controlling private business. Regulation is killing middle-American free enterprise. Who do you think creates the majority of the jobs in our country. Well, I know some of you will say it. Yes the government is probably the largest employer. How do you like that control over you that they have?

And Education. How does a government, in Washington, know what is best for your children’s education. The answer is, they don’t. The responsibility of the education of children belongs in the hands of the parents and local community, not the government. And exactly how does collective bargaining of government employees EVER benefit the public. The answer to that one is also, NEVER. Teacher unions carry heavy political agendas. Oh, you didn’t know that? That is because you are choosing to ignore what is happening. It happened here in Georgia. Yay, we are number 47 in education. Why? Government control. Another very poor choice you have made for you, and your Country.

Failure to take control of things like the education of your children ensures swollen ranks of welfare, diminished ability to compete in a world market, and general decline of society. Have you watched the news recently Are you paying attention? Or are you non-Conservative happy with how all that is working out. I’m not.

There is an election ahead. I would suggest you look at your values in live. What is precious to you? You’re going to lose much of it if we continue to make these choices. Ahh, there it is…….my vote won’t matter. Or the real reason, I am too stupid to understand the issues, so I just vote the party line. Or better yet, the perpetual answer… was Bush’s fault. News Flash. The Left has been in total control for seven years. Can you explain how it is better now? Didn’t think so.

Election Ahead – Merge Right